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Cruz on Cuba: "This Is Another Manifestation Of The Failures Of The Obama/Clinton/Kerry Foreign Policy"

SEN. TED CRUZ: This is another manifestation of the failures of the Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy. For six years we’ve followed the pattern of alienating and abandoning our friends and allies and at the same time coddling up to and appeasing those who are enemies to the country and it’s a consistent pattern. First it was Russia, then it was Iran and now it’s Cuba. This announcement today will be remembered as a tragic mistake. Cuba was struggling, it was gasping for air , it has been relying on Venezuela with oil prices cratering, Venezuela is hurting economically and just like the admin did with Iran, right when the administration was feeling maximum pain it throws them an economic lifeline and continues the brutal repression in a dictatorship of the Castro brothers...

Cuba is an ally of North Korea, it is an ally of Iran, it is an ally of Venezuela – it is a vowed enemy of this country. It was striking, the president’s remarks. He talked about the Bay of Pigs Invasion, but somehow completely omitted the Cuban Missile crisis, somehow completely omitted an incredible threat to US national security with nuclear weapons that were almost 90 miles off our shore. It was sad to see both the president and John Kerry essentially blame America first. Blame America for the relation between the United States and Cuba. Look, the Castros are the ones who have decided to brutal, repressive dictators. We should not be taking blame for the fact that we responded to their active acts of war and hostility. They are a leading state sponsor of terrorism and just like President Obama did with Russia, just like President Obama did with Iran, he does not understand the difference between our friends and our enemies.

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