MSNBC Law Enforcement Expert on Sydney: "Islam Is Not Calling To Kill People At The Cafe"


ARI MELBER, MSNBC: Let me ask Jim about the point Mikey is raising. I think people at home can relate to which is, well, maybe the profile here is an overlap between someone who's deranged but also sympathizes with enemies of Australia and the United States. Now that the actual live conflict is over, how do you disentangle that? Doesn't it matter a great deal whether this was a person who was just basically a low-level criminal, Abby called him a thug. He may just be a violent criminal. Isn't that very different as a criminal who latched onto something than a person who's actually an operational ally of our enemies?

JIM CAVANAUGH: That's right. Ari, that's a great point. Motives become mixed in a criminal mind. Look at this guy. He's got a criminal record. He was an accessory to murder of his ex-wife wife, burning her and maybe the children, sexual assault charges. He's writing letters to the families of military people who have been killed in the middle east. He's doing both.

He's appointed himself a cleric. He's not a Muslim cleric. He's a phony. He wants to kill people. That's not what, you know, Islam is calling to kill people at the cafe. He's not a Muslim cleric. He's a criminal in disguise, a wolf in religious clothing and he's a mixed bag. Many of them are. Zarqawi, the example I used in Iraq, he was a criminal all his life before he went to al Qaeda.

That's not unusual. Many of these guys are like that as well. And to your point, Ari, do we study it? Yes. Because we want to know who's next. Who else could be stopped. Who's the next guy that can do this. Absolutely, you're right on point. And the discussion on point, these guys radicalized like Dan said on the web. They'll lash out. It is a struggle inside greater Islam, but it's a small part of people engaging in this violence and radicalism.

You know, the Australians are trying to stop it. They're doing their raids. They're trying to do everything they can. So is the world. I call it a low-grade -- low-grade world war because it's happening across the globe.

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