Jose Rodriguez: Obama Does Not Have "Fortitude" To Capture Terrorists, "Disgraceful What They're Saying"


Jose Rodriguez Jr. appeared on FOX News' The Kelly File tonight to respond to the Senate report on tactics used by the CIA on detainees and the Obama administration not having the "fortitude and courage" of capturing and detaining terrorists.

MEGYN KELLY: Jose Rodriguez Jr. is the former director of the National Clandestine Service of the CIA. He oversaw the CIA's enhanced interrogation program. Jose, thank you for being here tonight, sir. I appreciate it.

Let's pick up where Ed [Henry] and Josh Earnest left off. The amazing thing about that exchange was they're so critical of you and your program and yet when asked to justify the drone program, where does the White House go? Right to the terrorist behavior to try to justify what we're doing is in response to what they're doing. But when it comes to what you did, you don't get that same benefit of the doubt

JOSE RODRIGUEZ JR.: That is correct. And I am so tired of hearing from the president and others in this administration that this program was against our values. And frankly, I think it's an excuse, an excuse not to capture and interrogate terrorists because this administration does not have the fortitude and the courage to do what it takes to do the mission of capturing and detaining terrorists.

KELLY: They'd rather use drones. I mean, obviously they're using drones instead.

RODRIGUEZ: They'd rather kill. They'd rather kill. And somehow because they kill from a distance is more ethical than actually capturing and interrogating terrorists, which is actually a little messier and unpleasant. So it is a distortion. It's a distortion of what our values are.


KELLY: Dianne Feinstein has specifically come out and she says she recalls Director [General Michael] Hayden briefing the [Senate] Intel Committee. She claims it was not until 2006 and she says he refers specifically to a tummy slap among other techniques and suggested that they were minimally harmful. they were not. I mean, query whether she really should have believed that that's what we were briefing Congress was about was tummy slaps. But she claims that's as much as she was informed of.

RODRIGUEZ: I don't know what she's talking about. Nobody went out there to try to mislead the Congress. What really burns me about all of this is that they're signaling out Mike Hayden as someone who went out of his way to mislead Congress. And, you know, he is a man great integrity. He served his country proudly for 40 years as a four-star general and as Director of the CIA and NSA. and ironically he was the guy who opened up the program to the entire membership of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Committee. So it's actually disgraceful what they're saying.

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