Issa Talks Being "Bane" Of Boehner's Existence: GOP Always Too Busy Playing "Prevent Defense"


SEAN HANNITY: My question to you, Congressman, is now that we know it was sold on a mountain of lies, why are Republicans struggling? They will have, in the next Congress, their constitutional authority to defund this. Why is this even a problem for so many? Why are they, I guess, in conflict over doing what they clearly have the ability to do constitutionally?

REP. DARRELL ISSA (R-CA): Well, Sean, a lot of people, unfortunately, on Capitol Hill, always play prevent defense. They're always concerned about saying big things but not doing anything to get in trouble.

HANNITY: Including Republicans, your fellow Republicans.

ISSA: Including Republicans. But ultimately, you saw a number of members, particularly on the Republican side today, who had the courage to ask the tough questions. And they're not going away, Trey Gowdy's not going away, Jim Jordan is not going away. The fact is [Gruber] had a tough day on both sides of the aisle, but the Republicans in our committee are dedicated to making sure we get the truth to the American people and then bring the reforms that come from an honest debate about the real cost of health care, that's got to happen and only those who have the courage to say Obamacare was a lie can begin the dialogue of a truth heading toward affordable care.

HANNITY: You said in a recent interview that John -- that you were the bane of John Boehner's existence. Why does John Boehner not like Darrell Issa who has investigated Benghazi, who has investigated IRS-gate, who asks the tough questions, who is holding government accountable. Why is he not a big supporter of yours?

ISSA: You know, it's a team effort. And when you have somebody who is always hitting the line, hitting the line, hitting the line, sometimes people say, wait a second, we need to have more people doing it. The fact is I always believed that every day I need to get up and give the American people every dollar they deserve in tenacious effort to save them dollars and to save their liberties.

I'm not apologetic for it, but it is sometimes tough when you're pushing as hard as our committee has. And again, not just Chairman Issa. Jim Jordan was ferocious, Jason Chaffetz, the list goes on of people who care. Trey Gowdy is an amazing interrogator. So, the fact is, yes, there were a lot of complaints from other committees that we're jumping in their territory, we're going too far, we were too aggressive, some thought we could win elections without being quite so tough. Well, it wasn't about winning elections, it was about the American people's liberty and their money and I think for all of us we're going to go home for Christmas feeling that we did what we needed to do. And in the end, it was good for John Boehner, it was good for Republicans and good for America.

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