Brit Hume: CIA Torture Report Never Talked To Accused, Like Rolling Stone's UVA Rape Article


On FNC's The Kelly File Tuesday night, Brit Hume says that the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA abuses of detainees is flawed for the same reason Rolling Stone is under fire for a story on rape at the University of Virginia: they never reached out to the accused.

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: There are several things here, some of which have already been touched on. But remember this document, yes, it is officially because the Democrats have the majority of the committee, a committee report, but all the Republicans declined to participate in this.

The players who are the ones responsible for this program were not, not any of them, interviewed by the committee. This is based entirely on documents acquired by the committee.

They say, they're fond of saying that -- Dianne Feinstein and others are fond of saying, well, we couldn't interview those people because they were under Justice Department investigation. That investigation was concluded a couple years ago. Catherine Herridge pointed out to me earlier, they had the last two years when they could have interviewed the players in this. As Marc Thiessen said to me a few minutes ago, look, what do we just decry when Rolling Stone did it, that is a report without having ever consulted the people who are basically accused here.

They didn't do that. More important than any of it, Megyn, is it would be one thing to create these kinds of risks, risks which are being noted by the pentagon, risks that were noted by the state department and who called Dianne Feinstein about the timing of all this. The risks are demonstrably real. Mike rogers just referred to them as well. If this were still a practice going on that Dianne Feinstein was determined to take risks to stop, that would be one thing. But this stuff was all discontinued seven years ago. President Obama with his, you know, fathomless, you know, overwhelming self-regard was saying he stopped it, but it stopped before he took office...

Dianne Feinstein is a highly respected member of the senate and with good reason. She's been one of the Senate's grown-ups, respected on both sides of the aisle for many years now. This is unlike her, the Dianne Feinstein we've known. The only thing I can say about it is she's mad at the CIA over alleged spying on her staff while they were compiling this report, but she's been mad at the CIA for a while. I don't say she did this in quite a fit of personal pique because she's been on this for years.

This does feed into party orthodoxy about the evils of the CIA and all the rest of it, but it's very hard to explain Dianne Feinstein's behavior here. I find it striking. Look, the thing about this fight, this will renew the debate over enhanced interrogation techniques, but that debate ended years ago.

One side won and it was her side. In my view, this is reopening an old wound and a debate long ago settled in favor of discontinuing the practices that she now says the American people have to be told about. Well, they've known about it for years.

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