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Gen. Hayden to Feinstein: Telling People What They Don't Want To Hear Is Not The Same Thing As Not Telling The Truth

STEVE MALZBERG, NEWSMAX TV: General, did you lie to the [Senate Intelligence] Committee in 2006 -- I believe in September of 2006 -- the entire committee when you spoke to them?

GEN. MICHAEL HAYDEN, FMR. DIRECTOR OF CIA, NSA: No, would be the straight forward and simple answer.

MALZBERG: Did you ever lie to that committee?

HAYDEN: Of course not. First of all, it's a felony. A couple of points to make, Steve. That briefing took place because Mike Hayden and the agency wanted it to take place. This was our work in September of 2006 to convince the administration that we had to brief the entire committee on the entire detention and interrogation program...

MALZBERG: So when Dianne Feinstein says today that you lied, is she lying?

HAYDEN: I'll go so far as to say she's incorrect. I mean, lying is intentionally, intentionally misleading someone, all right. Let me make another distinction, telling people something they don't want to hear is not the same thing as telling people something that is untrue.

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