Al Sharpton To Protesters: "Don't Get In The Way" Of Progress By "Distracting" With "Behavior" Not "Becoming Of A Movement"


REV. AL SHARPTON, MSNBC: For a lot of people, seeing is believing. That's been a big part of the reaction to the death of Eric Garner. People across the nation have filled the streets, calling for justice. They have all seen this terrible video and were shocked by the grand jury's decision not to indict. These pictures changed minds, just like during the civil rights era.

In 1963, a photographer took this picture of dogs attacking a high school student during a protest in Birmingham, Alabama. The next day that photo hit the front page of the New York Times, exposing the brutality of the Jim Crow South.

Many Americans had never seen this kind of thing before, and it changed how they viewed the civil rights movement. Images matter. They crystallize public opinion. They help move America forward, and we may well be seeing that happen again now.

Many of us have marched for years, talking about this kind of brutality. But now, Americans can see it. And they can make their own judgments. That's why as we continue protesting and marching this weekend, it must be done with dignity and peace. Don't get in the way of the picture that Americans need to see for themselves, by distracting them with behavior not becoming a movement. Thanks for watching.

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