Krauthammer to Holder: If Profiling Doesn't Work Why Does TSA and Secret Service Do It?


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, [Senator Dick] Durbin has his finger on something but he's missing the point, which is it renders the policy entirely self-contradictory. [Attorney General Eric] Holder issued a statement saying it's not only wrong, it's profoundly misguided and ineffective because it wastes precious resources. Well, if that's the case, why do you allow it to be done by TSA at airports, by DHS at ports and to be used by the Secret Service? If it's ineffective, why would you then exempt them?

Obviously, the reason that you are allowing it in all of these instances is when there is something that is really important, like the protection of a president, or preventing the blowing up of an airplane, it's okay because it's effective. That's exactly what is implied in a policy which has exemption, which is why the ACLU, which is outraged, calls it baffling that all of these exceptions exist. It's not baffling, it's because defending you and me, well ideology trumps that, but defending the president or protecting an airplane, ideology has to take a second place.

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