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O'Reilly: "So Far The President Has Not Made Any Anti-Police Statements"

BILL O'REILLY: With Mr. Obama under heavy fire for granting about five million illegal aliens residency in America, he has to tread softly on any issue involving the rule of law. As you may know some Americans believe the President is violating the constitution with his new policy on undocumented people.

So he is in a tough spot over the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. Some on the far left want the President to promote the belief that police are mowing young black men. So far the President has not -- has not -- made any anti-police statements.

What he has done is appropriate $75 million for police to have cameras on their person. That is a good thing, in areas where the police wear cameras on their uniforms charges against them by civilians have dropped dramatically. The camera's protect honest cops as well as discourage police abuse.

But other than that the President has been vague on Ferguson.

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