Mark Levin: The Left Is Whipping Up Ferguson To Cover Their Failures


MARK LEVIN, WABC RADIO: My reaction is that Farrakhan is a violent, hateful racist anti-semite and the fact that the president of the United States didn't denounce those comments, the fact that the attorney general of the United States didn't denounce those comments, the fact that not a single Democrat went to the floor of the House or the floor of the Senate and denounced that man and what he stands for, and not even a Republican, as far as I know is unbelievable to me.

As far as Jesse Jackson is concerned, Ferguson is not Selma and Michael Brown is not Emmett Till. There was no racial profiling here. There was no racist police officer here. The militarization, quote, unquote, of the police force had nothing to do with this. This police officer was acting in self-defense. And Michael Brown was the perpetrator here.

Now, this country's being turned upside down by this president and attorney general and their surrogates, so the question is why, and I'll tell you why, among other reasons.

In the black community under our first black president and first black attorney general, it's miserable, high unemployment. The schools stink. And they oppose school choice. What else is going on?

Black on black crime is through the roof. Nine out of ten blacks are murdered by blacks. You have gang violence in inner cities like Chicago. What are they doing about it? Nothing.

When they met on Monday, did they talk about it? Not a word. What about those shop owners burned out in Ferguson, MO? Overwhelmingly black and Hispanic. Were they invited to speak on Monday? Nothing.

So now Obama and Holder and the surrogates are doing what? They're undermining our police officers. All police officers regardless of race pushing what, an agenda to nationalize local police forces. Why? Why? He's doing a disastrous job. This has nothing to do with racial profiling, nothing to do with racist cops, nothing to do with the militarization of the police force, and yet this is what they burp up and spit out.

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