Dem Rep. Sanchez on Immigration: Obama "Didn't Change The Law; He Just Prioritized What He Wants To Do"


BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN: So we have just gotten word of what looks to be this emerging plan, a challenge to the president on immigration, no impeachment, no formal censure. That's been floated.

We're also hearing maybe they want to tinker with some funding, maybe debate a resolution declaring the president is breaking the law.

Congresswoman Sanchez, what would you say to that?

REP. LORETTA SANCHEZ (D-CA): I would hope that the Republicans would come to the table and start working on a reform with us to pass a law.

The president did not change the law. The current law exists. What he did was say, you know, there are -- there are limited resources, and I want to use those resources on getting the bad guys out of our country first. And for those who have families, real family ties to this country, we're not going to go after you. That's all he said.

He didn't do much more than that. So he didn't change the law. He just prioritized what he wants to do. And he's allowed to do that.

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