Charles Barkley on Ferguson: Al Sharpton Part Of "Same Sad Sack Of Black Characters"


BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN How can the president help this? The first African-American president, he held meetings at the White House this week, should he be going to Ferguson?

CHARLES BARKLEY: No. That is another thing that annoys me about this whole situation, Brooke.
Every time something happens in the black community, we have the same cast of sad characters. We don't have to have Al Sharpton go there, we don't have to have -- and I'm not disparaging [Brown family lawyer] Mr. [Benjamin] Crunk. I know he represented what happened in Florida with Trayvon's family, and God bless them, but we have the same sad sack of black characters, we need strong black men in St. Louis to stand up, and say, hey, let's handle this situation?

BALDWIN: Where are they?

BARKLEY: That bothers me. I guarantee you, listen, if something happened in my life, I got this. I can handle it. I can handle -- I don't need people, I feel like I can handle the situation, and I don't need people coming are from New York or coming from Florida. I am a strong black man, I can handle this.

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