Josh Earnest: Obama Didn't Mean It When He Said He "Changed The Law"


MAJOR GARRETT, CBS NEWS: Tuesday when the president was getting some blowback from the audience in Chicago during his immigration remarks. At one point he said, "I just took action to change the law." Did the president mis-speak in a moment of passion to try to calm the crowd or does he believe -- do you fundamentally believe he has taken action to change the law?

JOSH EARNEST: I think he was speaking colloquially. What he has put in place -- meaning that obviously, well, no, meaning that the - it is the responsibility of the United States Congress to pass the laws. And it is the responsibility of the executive branch to implement and enforce them. So, my point is--

MAJOR GARRETT: So, what about when he says, "I just took action to change the law."

JOSH EARNEST: Well I think the impact of the law certainly has been changed, on, in terms of the way that it effects the millions of people who are in this country. And I think that's what the president was alluding to. Again, I think that he was speaking colloquially -- say that five times fast!

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