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Giuliani: Prosecute Ferguson Grand Jury Witnesses For Perjury

RUDY GIULIANI, FORMER NYC MAYOR: Here's the amazing thing. I read some of the testimony today. If you look at witness number ten, not identified by name or by race, but I'm pretty sure an African-American from the discussion. He corroborates every single thing that that officer just said including the fact that no one put their hands up. In fact, he came forward because he was angry and offended that people were lying about the fact that he was shot in the back and that Brown had put his hands up.

MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS: Wow, that's amazing.

GIULIANI: And he describes exactly the same thing. The reaching in, the shooting, the fact that the police officer got out of the car. The police officer yelled to Brown. Brown, instead of stopping, ran toward him. The police officer shot him two or three times. When Brown stopped, the police officer stopped shooting. And all of a sudden Brown put his head down and came at the police officer, he said, something like a bull, you know, with his head down as if to come right into him. And that's when the fatal shots were probably shot into the -- and he came forward because he was so offended by the lies that were being told. You remember, there were four witnesses who said that Brown was shot in the back.

KELLY: Not true.

GIULIANI: Which are total lies. If that's --

KELLY: One said that the cop -- Officer Wilson was standing over him shooting him.

GIULIANI: Yes, totally untrue. So again disproven completely by the autopsy and the forensics. I mean, I disagree with the prosecutor on only one thing. I would prosecute all those people for perjury.

KELLY: Wow, really?

GIULIANI: Well, I mean, to testify falsely in a case in which you can put a man in jail for the rest of his life is an extremely serious --

KELLY: But you know how unreliable eyewitness testimony is. I mean, I think his belief is according to him is, it's just unreliable and so these people may believe they saw what they didn't see.

GIULIANI: It's not unreliable. These are people who were friends of his, these are people who have an ax to grind. You know, it's not unreliable that you think you saw hands go up when in fact his hands were down all the time.

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