Michael Eric Dyson: Darren Wilson's Imagination "Infantilized" Himself and Made Michael Brown A "Demon"


ALEX WAGNER, MSNBC: Michael Eric Dyson, these are more than just words and I think Josh Marshall is right to point out that they are very loaded, describing Brown as having the most intense aggressive face like a demon, saying he thought Michael Brown could beat him to death. Even in the end after Michael Brown laying on the ground, dead in a pool of blood, he says, the threat was stopped. I mean, quite literally, the black menace hangs over, it is tacit, it is embedded in this rhetoric.

And in many ways, you know, it's not just what Ari [Melber] says, this psychical discrepancy, the psychical difference between these two men. There's a lot more going on there in terms of what Michael Brown represents as a threat to this white police officer.

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON, MSNBC: Sure. I mean, you can't ask for a clearer articulation of the demonization of black masculinity comparing as saying this black man looks like a demon. Comparing Michael Brown to Hulk Hogan, him (Wilson) to a five-year-old boy.

So, you know, you infantilize yourself and make him the man. There have been studies out there released recently -- empirical studies -- that suggest two things. That many people see black kids as older than they are, so that there is a loss of innocence in black masculinity and other childhoods. And on the other hand there's a lack of humanity ascribed to these people.

You see both these forces converging here. The lack of humanity and in that sense the denial of the innocence of this human being and putting it together Michael Brown looks like a horrible, you know, figment of the collective imagination of America that is scared to its ends. That's why it can feel appropriate for him to say this and why people listening to it who are not African-American or other minorities may resonate with that even though they may be ashamed to say so and rarely explicitly articulate it.

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