Josh Earnest: John McCain's Account Of Conversation With Chuck Hagel Is "Less Than Impartial"


QUESTION: John McCain said that he spoke to Chuck Hagel, and that Hagel was very frustrated -- they had this conversation last week -- and he was very frustrated. There have been leaks out of the White House that he wasn't up to the job and felt he was being micromanaged. Is John McCain onto something there?

JOSH EARNEST, WH: I think that given his relationship with the administration, I think there might be reasons to view a readout of the phone call from Senator McCain to be less than impartial.

QUESTION: He has a close relationship with Secretary Hegel, though.

EARNEST: Yeah, I don't think that was on full display at his confirmation hearings, but they have both proudly served in the military, and that might mean some personal bond between the men. Again, I cannot speak to any private conversation Secretary Hegel had with Senator McCain, but I can speak to his proud record of service to this country, both as an a combat veteran and Secretary of Defense.

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