Former Holder Aide: Holder Has Been "Very Involved" With Ferguson


KRYSTAL BALL, MSNBC: We don't know whether or not there will be charges here and we don't know all the pieces of evidence that were presented to the grand jury. I want to go back to you on Attorney General Holder's involvement here. We know we released a video urging calm, specifically referencing Ferguson but it seemed pretty clear what he was referring to.

Also there were reports that he was displeased with Governor Jay Nixon's to declare a state of emergency and activate the National Guard. How directly involved has Attorney General Holder been here and how much in communication has he been with local officials on the ground in preparation for this decision?

MATT MILLER, FMR AIDE TO ERIC HOLDER: I think he has been very involved with this from the beginning and if there's a consistent them we've seen, it's local and state officials repeatedly making mistakes with the way they have handled the protests, handled the crowds and often times making mistakes because they haven't consulted with the Justice Department and even when they consulted with the Justice Department and then flat out not taken their advice.

Hopefully, if this verdict does come down in a way that upsets the community and we see people take to the streets, hopefully, of course, they're nonviolent, but if the situation is inflamed, let's hope that the Department of Justice officials who have been on the ground since the summer, the people from the Community Relations Service, let's hope that the state officials are coordinating with them, they're listening to them because there are a number of best practices they can bring to bear that hopefully will calm the situation. We certainly don't need to see another repeat of what happened in the summer where the police presence actually made things much worse when they should have made it better.

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