Dem Missouri State Senator: "This Is Our Race War"


STATE SEN. MARIA CHAPPELLE-NADAL: Tonight, when you listen to what Prosecutor Bob McCulloch said, in fact, I've been getting text messages non-stop as I've been listening to your reporting, and people are angered, because they feel as though his words are empty, as it was said earlier today, and because of the systematic racism that we have in our state government, and our state party, and we do not bring the truth to bear, then we will not recover from what we are going on, what we are experiencing right now.

And I have to tell you, this is St. Louis's race war. We didn't have a race war like other cities throughout the country. This is our race war. And people have to be open, and they have to be honest and they have to earnest, and they have not been earnest for decades. In my own experience, I know people in my own party, in my own government structure who disregard things that we say and how we feel, and we are not going to allow it anymore.

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