Ben Carson: I'm Going To Make A Decision About Running For President By May 1st


On Sunday's broadcast of ABC's This Week, there was a consensus moment between former President Bush's chief re-election strategist Matthew Dowd and Katrina vanden Heuvel, publisher of the liberal magazine The Nation: Dr. Ben Carson should run for president.

Carson, also a guest on the Sunday show, said he will make his decision to run for president by first of May.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, THIS WEEK: Jim Webb is already looking. Dr. Carson, as James [Carville] said, you're looking at the possibility of running for president. Closer to a decision?

DR. BEN CARSON: Every day I would get closer because I'm going to make a decision by May the 1st.

STEPHANOPOULOS: By May. You have a little bit of time. Make the 30-second case against Hillary

CARSON: Well, I don't want to make it specifically about Hillary. I want to make it about those who want the United States to be a country where the government conforms to the will of the people versus those who want the people to conform to the will of the government and that's the big divide that we have right now.

That's what the people are talking about. That's what they talked about a couple of weeks ago in the election. They are saying isn't this our country? Isn't it for, of and by the people? This is what we need to be talking about. I don't care if it's a Democrat or Republican. That's who needs to be up front.

MATTHEW DOWD, FMR. BUSH STRATEGIST: I hope Dr. Carson runs because I think we'd be behooved in this country by anybody participating in the process and part of the problem is people have stepped back -- good people have stepped back -- that are smart at this process and haven't tried to serve and I think it would be benefit whether or not I agree with you on the issues.

I think the interesting thing about the Republican party is, they would be benefited by an outsider coming in, whether it's somebody like Dr. Carson or a governor outside of Washington, D.C. The thing about the Republican party, everybody says they're going to nominate the most conservative figure in the party. They're not. They never do. They haven't since Goldwater in 1964. They nominate the person whose most electable and satisfies conservatives.

KATRINA VANDEN HEUVEL, THE NATION: I hope Dr. Carson runs. I think -- I agree with Matt. An anti-establishment candidate, however, I think you're way overreading the results of that election. When you look at the issues that won around this country and that map was very conservative, it was an older, more affluent whiter crowd, it wasn't the emerging majority, young people minorities, single women and I think you see a country that is waiting for something different. They want a government that works for them. They don't want a rigged system that works for the corporations or the very wealthy and they want to be part of a recovery that they hear a lot about, but they don't feel they're part of.

CARSON: I don't think it's overread at all because I'm in four or five states a week. I've been for the last year and a half, and I predicted a long time ago what the results of the election would be because I'm hearing what the people are saying.

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