Bill Maher: "Gruber Was Right, He Just Said What People Don't Want To Hear"


BILL MAHER: I'm bringing this up because this guy, Jonathan Gruber, he's an M.I.T. professor who worked on the Obama health care plan. Big controversy because they found a tape of him basically saying that the American people are stupid because he -- a lot of tapes -- because what he was saying to get the bill passed we had to do a lot of sleight of hand or else they would not have voted for it. If we called it a "tax" -- even though it was a tax -- you have to basically slip a pill in the dog's food in a piece of ham to get the dog to eat the pill. I agree, and I've heard nobody else in America say that. Everybody on the left and the right: "Oh, how could he call American's stupid?"

Jonathan Gruber, you have met your soulmate. How is this even controversial, I have no idea...

MAHER: Can you blame [Americans] for not know the three branches of government? For checking out on that one? Because that one happened a lot before health care came down the pike... They're stupid.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, GUEST: Gruber was right.

MAHER: Gruber was right, he just said what people don't want to hear.

MATTHEWS: He said that we're going to take money from people who can afford insurance, who are healthy and young and don't have expensive illnesses and give it to people who are sick and older. Everybody knew that. Where else was it going to come from? (HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, November 21, 2014)

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