Rendell: If GOP Shuts Down Government Over Immigration Executive Action They Will "Pay A Heavy Price"


FMR. GOV. ED RENDELL (D-PA): I actually believe the president is doing this solely because he believes it's the right thing and because it's a promise he made two years ago and he's right when he says, this isn't about politics, it's about people. But let's look at the politics. I think the Republicans will lose in court if they go to court. The president clearly has the discretion to tell the Justice Department who he wants to deport and who he wants to not deport, where he wants the emphasis to be, it's clearly within his rights.

But more than that, if the Republican party can't control itself, if they, in fact, shut down the government because of this, they'll pay a heavy price. If, in fact, they say, we're not going to do anything about immigration, because the president took this action, they'll look like spoiled children. They'll pay a heavy price.

If in fact they say, we're not going to meet the president halfway about anything because he did this, they'll pay a heavy price. So I think it's a test for the Republican party and its leadership whether they're going to be responsible and go ahead, and if they don't like this executive order, pass a bill. Send the president a bill. That will end the executive order...

I think this will be a real plus, a positive for his legacy because I agree with the Congressman (Rep. Luis Gutierrez). I think this is going to be the catalyst for action. I think the Republican party has got to act. I think if they sit on their hands and act like petulant children, as I said, they'll pay a heavy price.

So, I think you will see a bill sent to the president, a reasonable bill that can get Democratic support in the Senate, where they have to have Democrats to pass it, because of the filibuster rule. You will see a reasonable bill sent to the president before that 180 days. But, by the way, Representative Gutierrez, if I can give you a message, that's a great tactic. We got the minimum wage raised in Pennsylvania even when I had an all-Republican legislature because we started ticking off the days. Ticking off the days that we introduced the bill and they wouldn't bring it to the floor for a vote. And eventually we embarrassed them into action. And that will be part of the president's legacy.

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