Krauthammer: Obama's Executive Action A "Gigantic Neon Sign" Inviting a Mass Migration


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: You don't have to misinterpret it, you just have to interpret it. This executive action is a gigantic neon sign on the Rio Grande saying to Central Americans and to other people around the world, if you wait in line and you apply for legal immigration, you're a sap. You come here illegally, you have children, and eventually you will be legalized.

This will cause a complete new cohort. We will have 11 million new illegal immigrants in 10 or 15 years, we will be through this again and again. I would not oppose this if we were going to be serious about shutting the border. There is no seriousness whatsoever coming out of the administration or the Democrats on that. This is an invitation to a mass migration.

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