Gingrich: "People Are Enormously Offended And Frightened By A President They See As Uncontrollable And Outside the Constitution"


NEWT GINGRICH: First of all, I've never believed you could pass a single comprehensive bill. It was too big and would collapse under its own weight. I would not be surprised to see four or five bills produced by the Republicans in the House and Senate that move us in the right direction. Very few Americans believe that it's healthy to have millions operating in the gray zone, who are outside the law but in fact are trying to be law-abiding. Not criminals, just people who don't fit inside our current legal structure. So, I think that will be worked on.

But I would not underestimate, this is one of those things where there is a huge difference in the two parties. The number of Republicans who actually believe in the Federalist papers and the Constitution and are in politics because of their belief is very deep. And those people, I think, the Tom Coburn comment, the Lamar Smith comment, are signals those people are enormously offended and frightened by a president who they see as uncontrollable and outside the constitution.

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