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O'Reilly: ISIS Kills Another American, Obama "Seems Hesitant"

BiLL O'REILLY: 26-year-old Peter Kassig from Indiana executed the by ISIS killers in the video released over the weekend. Mr. Kassig the third American to be beheaded by this barbaric group. He's a former army ranger who was briefly deployed to Iraq in 2007 after which he was honorably discharged for medical reasons. In 2012 Mr. Kassig went back to the Middle East to work as an emergency medical technician and was kidnapped in Syria. President Obama has condemned the murder is quote an act of "pure evil" which it is.

But that's not enough. ISIS now a direct threat to all Americans -- they would kill all of us. Therefore, Mr. Obama much change his tactics. First, he should keep quiet about how the U.S. military deals with ISIS. Don't say a word. But Special Forces and the U.S. military in general should kill, kill as many of these terrorists as we possibly can.

Borders don't matter anymore. If we know where they are we go after them and it also doesn't matter whether it's from the air, the sea or on land. All the military assets the USA has should be used in eradicating the ISIS terror group. That is what President Obama must do and if he is unwilling to do that, the American people need to know it.

Soon, thousands of U.S. military people will be back in Iraq and there are thousands of others scattered across the Mideast in various places. This is no diplomacy game anymore. ISIS, al Qaeda and any other killer group must be eliminated wherever they may be. Those who are captured must be taken at Guantanamo Bay.

Right now, the Obama administration is perceived as weak throughout the world because of the election defeat and the President's general demeanor. Tomorrow America will once again negotiate with the Iranians to stop them from developing a nuclear weapon. Few are optimistic Secretary of State John Kerry will succeed and the deadline for a deal is one week from today.

"Talking Points" will step aside and let Kerry do his job. Obviously hope is strong a deal is reached that will protect the world from the Mullahs. If Iran does not agree by next Monday to stop its nuke program, severe sanctions must be re-imposed. And then there is Putin, whose forces are now invading eastern Ukraine.

Over the weekend in Australia Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper told Putin to his face to get out of Ukraine. Putin replied that's impossible because Russia is not there -- a blatant lie. President Obama knows Putin is lying and again must impose draconian sanctions on Russia or Putin will take over a major part of Ukraine.

So you can see that in three areas: the bad guys are winning and the President seems hesitant to do what's necessary to turn things around. He can talk all he wants. Meantime Americans are being murdered.

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