Mitt Romney: Obama "Has Got To Learn That He Lost This Last Election"


BOB SCHIEFFER: If it came to shutting down the government to prevent him from doing that, would you advise Republicans to do that or would you want them to do something else?

MITT ROMNEY: Well, I think they've got to be more productive ways for us to be able to impress on the President the need to work for a permanent solution as opposed to a temporary stopgap solution. This idea of poking Republicans with a stick in the eye is not a good idea. He knows that. Look I had a circumstance where I fought very hard to get a majority in my state of Democrats whittled down a bit and so I ran Republican state senators and state representatives. We worked very hard, and guess what I lost. I didn't pick up a single seat. But instead of fighting the Democrat majority we sat down and said, you know, we got to go about the people's business. The President has got to learn that he lost this last election round. The American people spoke loud and clear. Let those people who were elected come together with a piece of legislation on this and other topics and then he has a chance to veto them, if he doesn't like them. But the idea of violating the principles of our Constitution which is a balance of power, checks and balances, that is something which is wrong and I think would not to be to the President's benefit.

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