Chris Hayes: "Elizabeth Warren Is Now Officially A Leader Of The Democrats"


CHRIS HAYES: Elizabeth Warren is now officially a leader of the Democrats. In a closed-door meeting today that lasted nearly 4 hours, Senator Warren's colleagues in the upper chamber voted to give her an key role in reshaping the party's policy.

Today's leadership elections in the Democratic caucus, which came after the party experienced a drubbing in the midterms returned Nevada's Harry Reid to majority, soon to be minority leader. His top deputies, Illinois' Dick Durbin, New York's Chuck Schumer, and Washington's Patty Murray all returning to their leadership slots, and some new faces were also elevated. Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Sen. John Tester of Montana, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Who at the urging of Harry Reid was given a specifically newly created position started just for her. Warren will now be the Strategic Policy Adviser to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, in addition to helping steer and shape policy, Warren will also serve as a liaison to liberal groups to make sure their voice is being heard in leadership meetings and discussions. So the question now is whether this new leadership role for Warren's promotion for the Massachusetts senator of a co-option of her progressive views.

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