Kirsten Powers: "Stunning" That Gruber Video "Has Not Been Covered By Anybody"


KIRSTEN POWERS: I think the administration will probably say he was one consultant, right? They would probably say he's not the person who made all the ultimate decisions, he was somebody who just, you know, this is his perspective, it's not the perspective of other people. So I don't know if it would work unless you find other people who worked on it -- other people who actually work in the administration -- who are willing to admit this. I think he clearly was central, and it's probably reflective of what people think, but how can you prove that? Right? I mean, you have to be able to prove that other people...

This gets so old talking about the media, but this has not been covered by anybody other than if you just accidentally stumbled on to FOX News, if you usually watch MSNBC or CNN, this is big news to you because, truly, it's not getting covered by anybody, and this is huge news.

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