Bloomberg's Jonathan Allen: We Don't Know The Constitutionality of Executive Order Until Obama Does It


JONATHAN ALLEN, BLOOMBERG: I talked to a Ted Cruz aide today, they think that there's a whole body of things in their view that President Obama has done that are in Ted Cruz's words, lawless. So I think that this is the tip of the iceberg.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HARDBALL: Does he ask her about all the things [Obama]'s done in the past, or is it better to hit her hard with what he thinks he says he's going to do, go to the future, go to the million person, the seven million person, we don't know how many people are going to be included in this executive order?

ALLEN: We don't. And we can't judge the constitutionality of it of course until we see what it says. And I also don't think she's going to get a nomination hearing until 2015. So the president is likely to make this order and it will be in the past by the time we see her appear before the [Senate] Judiciary Committee. But of course as the nation's Attorney General, or the candidate for Attorney General, she's the person who has to answer the question about how will she enforce the law. That's what Ted Cruz is going to go after, that's what Mike Lee of Utah is going to go after, both of them on the Judiciary Committee. Expect fireworks in that hearing.

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