Pat Caddell: Obama A "Raging Narcissist Who Has No Grip On Reality"


Former Democratic strategist and pollster called President Obama a "raging narcissist" on Monday's broadcast of FOX News' Hannity. A raucous discussion ensued and certain parts of the conversation are inaudible:

PATRICK CADDELL: I just want to say because this man is a raving narcissist. He has absolutely...

SEAN HANNITY: This is your president, Pat. You're saying he's a raging narcissist?

CADDELL: He's a raging narcissist who has no grip on reality. What he's been doing -- he has been doing which is that I'm king and I can rule like king and the Republicans, I have to say, before lay down for him. McCain, Graham, all laid down on the stuff when he did the -- here's the point: now they have to stop it because this will destroy --

HANNITY: Now here's an interesting tidbit.

CADDELL: They should have used in the election and they didn't.

HANNITY: They didn't need to. They ran against Obama and it worked. You can't really second guess a winning strategy.

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