Judge Napolitano: Public Needs To Know If Loretta Lynch Is A Political Hack Like Holder Or Not


JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO: You and I are both lawyers in New York City and we know that she has a superb reputation as an independent thinker. I don't think that she will be an enabler for Barack Obama that Eric Holder was, but I want to hear her say that. I think that Senator Lee wants to hear her say that. The reason why Senator Lee wants this to happen in January is he is concerned that Pat Leahy, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, will not let him ask all the questions he wants to ask and when the Republicans run the committee, he'll have the opportunity to ask that.

MEGYN KELLY, HOST: And they need time to do research too. They need time to sort of get their research together.

NAPOLITANO: There's no question that she'll be confirmed, and she should be confirmed, but the public needs to know is she a political hack like the present attorney general, who lets the president do whatever lawless behavior he wants, or is she the rock of constitutionalism and a pure reader of the law who will say, "Mr. President, you can't do this and if you do it on my watch I'm out of here."

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