Gergen: Obama's Message Is "I'm Going To Spit In Your Face Over Immigration, Now Let's Sit Down And Compromise"


DAVID GERGEN: I think you're absolutely right at a fundamental level that Republicans have to learn how to compromise as well. They have to meet him half way. And I don't think we know yet whether John Boehner can still deliver the House. I don't know if he has the votes to go to a compromise on immigration. He couldn't get there last time, can he get there now? I don't think we know. The tea party as we know is stirring they're not happy with the direction that the leadership is taking. We'll have to see how it all works out.

Having said that, the president is the one who lost the elections. The graceful thing then as the person who loses -- the party that wins doesn't say, okay, we'll win and compromise. The loser has to say I'm going to be willing to change course as Bob said then the Republicans have to respond. If the president first moment out of the box says, by the way I really want to work with you, first I'm going to spit in your face over immigration now let's sit down and compromise.

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