Krauthammer: Obama Showing "Arrogance And Contempt For The Voice Of The People"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, first of all I disagree. I don't think the message of this election was get stuff done. I think the message -- that would be true, if it were an anti-incumbent election. In fact, it was not. It was a repudiation of what the Democrats are doing. Stop doing that. And it was at every level, House, Senate, governorships and that is a very clear mistake of a message.

What impresses me is Obama's arrogance and contempt for the voice of the people. This was a very unequivocal election. It was not nuance; it was across the board. It was everywhere. I do think that it is very unconstitutional for a president -- which he's going to do -- to unilaterally suspend the enforcement of a huge part of extremely important law. Immigration is sort of one of the basic elements of a country's sovereignty, and to do it unilaterally -- this is not discretion, prosecutorial discretion. I'm low on money so I'll let one or two guys go because they aren't big fish.

This is truly contradicting what the constitution says the president has to faithfully ensure that the laws are executed. And the other part of it is apart from the constitutionality is just sort of the constitutional decency. We have had verdict by the people of a kind that is quite unusual in American history and to go ahead and ignore it in spite of that, in spite of a rejection, in spite of repudiation to say I'm going to ignore the Congress and the will of the people, I will do this regardless I think shows contempt for the system.

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