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Halperin: Hillary Clinton The "Loser" Of Midterm Elections

MARK HALPERIN, BLOOMBERG POLITICS: The loser from last night in the a 2016 context: Hillary Clinton. I can't like spell this out exactly, but here's the thing. The party is now in disarray. Hillary Clinton and her team are so cautious, they overthink and overanalyze everything. And this gives them a lot of new complexity to deal with, I just think whatever plan they had about how to proceed after the midterm, a potential announcement, considering whether to even run, it is all thrown up in the air, because no one expected this result they got. It means distancing themselves from President Obama, which becomes more complicated, dealing with what the Democratic agenda should be is more complicated, having to figure out if she is a candidate of compromise with the ascendant Republicans. There's just a lot of complexity, and again, this is an organization that has some strengths, but they do not deal well, just as Harry Reid does not deal well with adjustment, this operation does not deal well with complexity well.

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