Fournier: Obama Denying Shellacking Was "Beneath The Office"


RON FOURNIER, NATIONAL JOURNAL: I was thinking today, when I was a kid, me and my two brothers all about the same age, our parents would get mad at us for fighting. Stop fighting and swat us, maybe and send us to our room, and the first thing we would do when we got in the room is start fighting again, and it's exactly what happened this week in Washington. The electorate was clear. Stop fighting and get something done. The president, as the constitutional head of the country deserves and got most blame but they want both parties to work together and address these problems...

Look what is happening. They both have come out, the president insisting on taking the politically pushing his political nuclear button and Republicans talking about repealing a law they know they can't repeal...

The president in particular, I thought his news conference yesterday was beneath the office in a sense of pretending that this wasn't a shellacking and just giving lip service to common ground. It was -- he said he heard the American people, but clearly he has not.

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