Earnest: Obama Has "Genuine Openness To Changing The Way He Does Business" If GOP Finds "Common Ground"


MARA LIASSON, NPR: My question was you did try a change after the last time you last a house in Congress and I'm wondering if there is some lessons you drew from that experience that makes you not want to take the same kind of strategy this time?

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: Hmm, well that's an interesting question. I guess the reason that's a hard question to answer is that there's been a national election in the intervening period where there was an opportunity for us to have a debate across the country about what sort of issues should take priority and what kind of steps Washington should take to advance those priorities. So, I think it's hard to draw a straight line between this midterm and the last midterm election just because there was a national election in between them. But, I think as a general matter you heard from the president at the news conference yesterday is a genuine openness to changing the way that he does business if it makes it more likely that Republicans will be willing to seize common ground with him.

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