Did Democrats Overplay the War on Women?


Carl Cannon and Scott Conroy discuss cases where Democrats may have gone too far accusing their opponents of a "war on women."

CARL CANNON, REALCLEARPOLITICS: This war on women thing seems to have run its course, don't you think?

SCOTT CONROY, REALCLEARPOLITICS: Yes, there was a lot of discussion about whether "Mark Uterus" in Colorado may have gone a little too far, basing pretty much his entire campaign around issues related to that.

CARL CANNON: It wasn't just Udall. I got an email from a friend who is the former head of the Republican Party in Colorado, and he said they squandered their greatest asset in the state -- Mark Udall's personality. He says he's a good and decent man and I admire him -- this is a Republican. None of that came through.

But then, it wasn't just Udall running that campaign. All the outside groups were doing it, the Democratic PAC run by Michael Bennett, who run on this four years ago, but I thought maybe Bennett was fighting the last war.

SCOTT CONROY: I think Democrats in general thought this was the strategy that worked in 2012, and in 2010.

CARL CANNON: They even used it against woman candidates! It looked kind of desperate.

SCOTT CONROY: Yeah, right, accusing Joni Ernst of waging a war on women is probably not a message that is going to resonate very well in a state where she is going to be first female to hold statewide office in Iowa's history.

CARL CANNON: Not to mention she is a combat veteran of the U.S. military.

SCOTT CONROY: And has an appealing personality herself, comes across as not scary to independent voters.

CARL CANNON: There's a subtle way, that Iowa race you're talking about Scott, really undermined the war on women narrative, which is she is pro-life, but that is the only thing they could point to, really. And so when they talk about a war on women, the Democrats don't want it to be just about abortion, but that's what it seems like when you use that meme against Joni Ernst.

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