Obama Doesn't Call It A Shellacking, But Says Republicans Had "A Good Night"


JEFF MASON, REUTERS: Thank you, Mr. President. In 2010, you called the results of the mid term election a "shellacking." What do you call this?


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: As I said in the opening statement, there's no doubt that the Republicans had a good night. What we're going to make sure we do is to reach out to Mitch McConnell and John Boehner who are now running both chambers in Congress and find out what their agenda is, and my hope is that they have got some specific things they want to do that correspond with some things that we want to get done. What is most important to the American people right now, the resounding message not just of this election but basically the last several, is get stuff done. Don't worry about the next election. Don't worry about party affiliation. Do worry about our concerns.

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