Krauthammer: Obama Threatening Executive Action on Immigration Because "It Makes Him The Center Of The Universe Again"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think the president's threateninging this because he wants to do it and I think he's all the more anxious to go ahead and do this because it makes him relevant, it makes him the center of the universe again. He is not a happy man that he was asked for a year by his own Democrats to stay away and be invisible. This is a guy who doesn't enjoy being invisible and, look, what are we talking about tonight? A little bit on the election itself, and now about what he's going to do. He's back in the game, he's relevant now. This is exactly why he wants immigration. Republicans have to resist the temptation, this is impeachment bait or all kinds of nonsense bait. Do what you can, suspend the financing of this because you have the power of the purse. But create your own agenda and don't allow Obama to suck you into a one-issue fall.

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