Krauthammer: Obama "Is Going To Hate Becoming Irrelevant"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The National Weather Service has upgraded the election from tropical storm to tsunami, especially the results of the governorships. If you look at the bluest states in the country, Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts, all gone Republican. Look, I think the president's reaction is going to be aggressive. He doesn't like being ignored as he was in the run-up and he's going to hate becoming irrelevant.

I think he will do something radical on immigration. Republicans have to be careful not to take the bait. Don't allow him to reclaim the agenda by making that executive action or another the center of the debate. Quietly try to take away the funds. Say if you win the White House you will repeal it. But stick to your own agenda which is to go through all these steps to repeal Obamacare in stages, including the individual and the corporate mandate.

And I think if you do that, you show the country one thing. That they got a reputation everybody says the brand is so bad. The brand is the party of no. If they can show that they can do things between now and 2016, that will show the country that the reason they were seen as the party of no in the four years proceeding was Harry Reid and Barack Obama, it was not the Republicans who created the gridlock.

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