Chris Christie: Blue States Have "Seen Republican Leadership" In Other States "Get Things Done"


CHAIRMAN OF THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION, GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R-New Jersey): You have Bruce Rauner win in Illinois, Charlie Baker win in Massachusetts, and Larry Hogan win in Maryland, that's a really good night for Republicans to win in those blue states, and as a blue state governor myself, and as a Republican, I was particularly gratified.

CNN: So, to what do you attribute that success particularly in the blue states for governors?

CHRISTIE: Well, I think that they've seen Republican leadership in other states, and it's been enormously effective. We had a lot of folks last night who said a lot of Republican incumbents were going to lose, but Rick Scott won in Florida, Rick Snyder in Michigan, Scott Walker won in Wisconsin. So I think they saw -- they like governors who get things done and you saw that across the country. If you're a governor who gets things done, the voters rewarded you.

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