Bernie Sanders: People Voted For An Agenda "Very Different Than What They Want And Need"


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: Senator, thank you for joining us. So, do you see optimism in the results from last night and the chances moving forward?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I-Vermont): Well, it depends on what you mean by moving forward. I fear very much that if you take a hard look, Chris, at the Republican agenda, what they mean by moving forward are more tax breaks for the wealthy and large corporations. Is that what the American people want? I don't think so.

I think you're going to be seeing in the coming months, attempts to cut Social Security and Medicare. I think you're going to see ignoring the reality that we need to raise the minimum wage and do pay equity. I think on many of the key issues that the American people feel strongly about, like the growing gap between the very rich and everybody else, I fear that the American people who want change, they want to deal with the collapse of the middle class, they want to deal with jobs leaving America, going to China, I think perhaps they have just voted for some folks whose agenda is very different than what they want and need. (via Breitbart TV)

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