Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Doesn't Have Any Coat Tails In Kentucky, "Soundly Rejected"


BRET BAIER, FNC: Your reaction to obviously not only Mitch McConnell's win but how the map is stacking up tonight?

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-Kentucky): Here in Kentucky, it's a referendum not only on the president but on Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Grimes ran as a Clinton democrat. She tried to attach herself to the president and attach herself to Hillary Clinton but it turns out Hillary Clinton doesn't have any coattails in Kentucky...

I think we're going to win some big races. I think we win in Arkansas. I think that's been projected. If we don't win outright in Georgia, Louisiana, I think we'll win in runoffs there. I think we're going to win in Alaska, which we won't know for quite a while.

I think we're going to pick up enough victories to take over the senate. And I think it's a repudiation basically of the president's policies but also Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have been all over the place. They're trying to make it out as if they're somehow better for Democrats. Well, in Kentucky, they were soundly rejected.

BRET BAIER: Sounds like you want to talk about a potential opponent there a couple of times?

RAND PAUL: Well, they campaigned in Kentucky very heavily and in Arkansas and in Iowa, So I think the facts are the facts. Did the Clintons help their ticket? So far, I don't think they have.

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