CNN's Acosta: "A Very Pugnacious Tone" At White House Tonight


JIM ACOSTA, CNN: Wolf, if past is prologue, then we should expect to see the president come out tomorrow and talk about these midterm results. I am told by a White House official that the president is realistic about what is going to happen tonight. They are planning for all eventualities, a Democratic Senate, a Republican Senate, and a cliff hanger. Something that might carry on for the next few weeks if we have some recounts and some runoffs in some of these states. But Wolf, I can tell you that they do expect there to be a debate inside the Democratic party as to whether or not it was a good idea for the president to stay away from all of these key battleground states. They know that's going to come up if tonight doesn't work out that well.

The other thing they do expect to hear is these questions about whether or not the president with the Republican Senate will take on a more conciliatory tone, one of compromise on a range of key issues and what I heard from a White House official is that the better question is whether the Republicans want to compromise with him. A very pugnacious tone over here at the White House tonight. We're not getting any signs of an administration shake-up and one White House official said you can bet that the president is going to take executive action on immigration. They said John Boehner had his chance and he blew it and so the president will move forward and keep his promise on that.

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