Axelrod: This Isn't A Wave Election; UPDATE: Changes Mind


BRIAN WILLIAMS: The country is clearly hungry. It's hard to manifest that. you're voting for a local and state election. if you want to send a message, it is tough to do with your vote.

EUGENE ROBINSON: It is tough to do. This wasn't a wave election. You know, the Republicans didn't sweep the board. So it wasn't a totally nationalized election. Some of these races were local and some of them really hinged on local issues, local bad campaigns, you know, why is Mark Warner in such trouble in Virginia? You know, I think you have to look at how that campaign was run. I mean it's a big surprise. that's one of the bigger surprises tonight.

CHUCK TODD: I think we're bordering on calling this a wave election. You have an historic number in the House of Representatives.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Are you throwing down against him?

CHUCK TODD: No, no, no. I think we're close to it. Scott Walker wins, Rick Scott wins in two swing states. If Thom Tillis pulls off the victory in North Carolina, three of the four presidential battleground states, where they had Senate races are going to go, I think we're -- it's basically -- it feels like how Democrats won in 2006. The close races went in one direction.

DAVID AXELROD: I don't know, Chuck, it's pretty close. It's not good news standpoint of the president of the Democratic party, but I lived through real wave elections. In '94, for example, not one Republican senator, governor or congressman lost in the entire country. This isn't what happened tonight. but there's plenty of jaundice, there's no doubt about it.


UPDATE @12:22AM ET: Axelrod changes his mind, on Twitter says "returns since then say otherwise."

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