Tavis Smiley on Grimes Not Admitting She Voted For Obama: Peter Only Denied Jesus 3 Times


TAVIS SMILEY: Well, Bill Clinton once said we all know that elections are always about the future, they are. But how you feel about the future is linked to how you feel about the way you're being treated or mistreated in the present. I said a couple weeks ago on national television, I stand by it again today two days in advance of these elections, that there is nothing to inspire African-Americans to turn out in huge numbers, nothing to inspire Hispanics to turn out in huge numbers.

When you have double the national unemployment average, you have doubled that inside the African-American community, tripled in some sectors. There's a highway in to poverty but barely a sidewalk out. If you are Hispanic you can't get one of your central issues on the table in immigration reform. And they come to you, how do I put this, election day first responders, they send out the SOS we need to you come save us once again. And I think that is disingenuous, I think it's disrespectful, I think it's demeaning. In North Carolina. You say you want to move beyond race, that we're in a post-racial America, yet you play to the race card in North Carolina. In Louisiana, in Georgia. You can't win unless the black vote turns out for you.

And in Kentucky it was discussed earlier you have a candidate who four times in matter of minutes wouldn't even admit to voting for Barack Obama. You want his loyal base to support you, you give the president the Heisman, but you want constituents to vote for you. I mean, Peter only denied Jesus three times. The fourth time denial in matter of minutes but you want the black vote to save you again. You want Hispanics to save you again. I'm not saying that blacks and browns ought to abandoned the Democratic party, what I'm saying is you've got to hold them accountable and maybe the lessons of what happens this year ought to start being reviewed now in advance of 2016.

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