Rand Paul: If Republicans Win The Senate, You Will See Legislation Sent To Obama's Desk


CHUCK TODD, MEET THE PRESS: So, on Tuesday, if you guys, the Republican Party gets control of the Senate. Have the voters said they're voting for the Republican Party? Or have the voters simply said they're voting against President Obama and it's not a mandate for the GOP? How should the GOP interpret winning control of the Senate, if that does happen?

SENATOR RAND PAUL: I think it'll be a combination of both. This is going to be a repudiation of the president's policies. The president is on the ballot, in a way. This is a referendum on the president. So, no question this is a big message to the president. But also, it's a message that people are tired of nothing getting done.

The gridlock in Washington has largely been from the Democrats, who haven't allowed any legislation to come forward in the Senate. So, I think if we win, you will see legislation passed and you will see legislation sent to the desk of the president.

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