George Will: "This Is The Seinfeld Election; An Election About Nothing"


CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: We asked you for questions for the panel. And we got this on Facebook from Tim Ferrree who asks -- do you think the failure of the GOP nationally to produce an agenda like the 1994 contract with America kept us -- he's talking about Republicans -- from attracting the critical margin of support? George, how do you answer Tim? And should Republicans have rung on more of a positive agenda of their own?

GEORGE WILL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I think what Tim has -- is echoing is the belief that this is the Seinfeld election, an election about nothing, which is what the media says every time there's a danger that the Republicans are going to get a mandate. This is a way of preemptively denying a mandate. Actually this is a Casey Stengel election and a Mae West election.

1962, Casey Stengel's managing -- the New York Mets en route to 120 losses. He looks down the -- dug out one day at all the rejects from other teams and said -- can't anyone here play this game? It's basically about competence. Megyn is right, there's no affirmation of the Republican Party in this -- what we're seeing so far, which makes it the Mae West election. Mae West said -- when picking between two evils, I choose the one I haven't tried before. I'm not going to try the Republicans.

WALLACE: But wouldn't it have made sense for them to run on more of a platform like -- you mean you say, well, they always say it's about nothing. 1994 wasn't about nothing.

WILL: I think there isn't -- there isn't implicit agenda, an implicit contract with America, if you will right there, in this -- that is, they're going to rein in the regulatory overreach, the heaviness of government, the suppressing of economic growth.

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