O'Reilly: Democrats Using Vicious "Morally Wrong" Racial Politics


BILL O'REILLY, FNC: In North Carolina the senate race between the Democrat incumbent Kay Hagan and Republican challenger Thom Tillis very close and very dirty.

A group organized by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid running this radio ad.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And Tillis won't fight for us. Instead he made it harder for communities to come to vote by restricting early voting and voter registration. Tillis even led the effort to fight to fight stand your ground laws that caused the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

O'REILLY: In addition, leaflets have been printed that say "If Senator Hagan loses President Obama will be impeached." In Georgia Democrats are circulating a flier warning that if Republicans win there will be more Fergusons. The flier shows two black children holding signs that say "don't shoot". Arkansas leaflets say, quote: "Republicans are targeting our kids, silencing our voices and even trying to impeach our President," unquote.

Now we looked for similar racial stuff on the Republican side but could not find any. So it seems the race card is being played exclusively by Democrats in order to stimulate African-American voting.

Now, there are a number of things wrong with this. First, it's morally wrong. You don't take highly charged incidents like Ferguson out of context for any reason.

Secondly, the Democrats who are doing these things are obviously trying to distill division and hatred. That is not -- not the American way. Each candidate running for office next Tuesday should stand on his or her record and vision. We don't need vicious propaganda.

And then there is the bigger question why African-Americans believe only one political party is looking out for them. 2012 President Obama received 93 percent of the black vote, understandable because he is the first person of color elected to the Oval Office.

However, the President's policies have not really benefited black Americans very much. And the facts are in stone. Six years, black unemployment has dropped less than two percentage points and is nearly six points more than white Americans. Black median income basically flat on Barack Obama. Socially, we remain a divided country, not a lot of unity coming about.

Now, much of the race debate centers on historical atrocities against blacks and that's what the white privilege deal is all about. Liberals saying black Americans do not have a fair shot because of how they were treated in America for hundreds of years. There is some truth to that. But to use a blanket of white privilege to cover failure and criminal behavior in the black precincts is destructive to African-Americans themselves. The truth is if you work hard, if you get educated. If you are an honest person this country offers black people more opportunity than any other country on earth. When is the last time you heard Al Sharpton say that?

Summing up -- racial politics are abhorrent, and black Americans should rebel against them.

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