MSNBC's Wagner: Udall's "Singular Focus" on Women's Issues Has Been The Problem For His Campaign


On Thursday's broadcast of MSNBC's The Last Word with host Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner said the problem with Democratic Sen. Mark Udall's re-election campaign is it has been "completely singular in its focus on reproductive rights."

CHRIS HAYES: ...where even when the polling is in flux, there's a projection that Landrieu really has got a tough climb there. But the one place that's not showing up is Colorado where you have that Udall-Gardner race which is really is a surprising race because Udall is an extremely popular -- you would think -- popular, accomplished, you know, decent Senator.

ALEX WAGER, MSNBC: His absence from the Senate would mean very big things on prominent issues about national security and transparency. Also, I think the problem with Udall's campaign is it's been so completely singular in its focus on reproductive rights. Which is not a bad focus but it is a walk and chew gum kind of situation. There are many other things he should be focused on in addition, and I think sort of ignoring the Hispanic population in Colorado could be an issue.

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, HOST: I've never seen a candidate attacked or criticized this way for leaning too hard on one issue. I mean, if you go to count the Republican candidates who leaned on tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts and nothing else, what I wonder about is now that we've gotten into this saturation level of advertising, and, you know, multimillion dollar advertising and campaigns in states that used to spend $2 million for the whole thing, that they hit a level of saturation very quickly. And if all your ads, or the dominant part of your ads about this one issue, you can wear out voters on the one issue.

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