Scarborough on Obama: This Is a "Jim And Tammy Faye Bakker" Moment


JOE SCARBOROUGH, MORNING JOE: Well yeah, this is America, and we do things differently, unless it is in Barack Obama's own government and the military. So anyway, the commander-in-chief of course, I guess is he saying he's hiding under the covers? It’s the inconsistency -- constant inconsistency -- coming from this government that has fueled fears, and some would say irrational fears. I don't know if the fear is so much of Ebola as it is of the government's ability to have a consistent policy and consistent set of guidelines, which the president himself does not have.

I get to say it's a very bold move. As they say in Top Gun: Bold move, Maverick. For the president to act that self-righteous, while his own military that he runs, that he's the commander in chief of, that he's the head of, is putting a mandatory 21-day quarantine on troops that don't even treat Ebola patients.

It is absurd that the president would act that self-righteous when his own government, his own administration, is conducting the very policies that he's acting so self-righteous to condemn.

This is a Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker moment for the president on the Ebola front. I know there are people that like to feel superior to others and say the American people are just hucksters or idiots.

I'll tell you what, an amazing poll came out yesterday from The Washington Post, that I will say again, I think it goes more to the bungling of this operation from the world health organization over the past year at the CDC, and the Dallas hospital, and the states that had inconsistent policies. I think it speaks more to that than -- The nurse is right up in Maine. You can hug her. She’s not symptomatic right now.

The one thing we've learned over the past month is: Healthcare workers get Ebola when they treat people in the final stages of Ebola. When they really are symptomatic. She’s not symptomatic right now. This bigger fear, it doesn't come from the disease, it comes from the competence and the president going out there and being inconsistent again, that's a real problem.

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